Kate Entwistle

Researcher @ The Turf Disease Centre

Kate Entwistle set up The Turf Disease Centre (Hampshire, UK) in 2000 to provide an independent turf disease analysis service for turf managers and consultants, worldwide.  She has an academic background in Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology & Microbiology and has worked exclusively with turfgrass diseases for the past 29 years (her first 10 years were spent at the STRI, Bingley, UK). 


Through strong collaboration with academic and research workers, Kate has identified new disease problems across Europe, can assess for turf parasitic nematodes and is working to understand the interaction between different parasites in the expression of turf disease.  With an increasing occurrence of disease problems and the loss of many effective pesticides, accurate identification of any turf problem is now more important than ever if effective management options are to be implemented.